Hjälp mig att låta fler tro på sin dröm genom att köpa mina armband. Tillsammans kan vi förändra världen!

Buy my bracelets and give more kids the chance to believe in their dream. Together we can change the world!

Min dröm

In English

My name is Diyan Ramos and I want all kids to be able to believe in their dream. It should not matter where you live or who you are. I love to play football and I believe that all kids that want to play should have the chance to do that. With your help I want to make that possible. Buy selling these bracelets I want to fundraise money to War Childs football projects in Lebanon.

The future belongs to those who believes in their dreams!

Would you like to make a large order or support Diyans fundraiser in any other way, please contact

Thank you! 

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